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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

SearchView, BigBlogZoo and MediaMiner

The BigBlogZoo is now for completely free!

Plus there is a new tool SearchView also for free. As if that was not enough there is a new professional version called, MediaMiner which you can try for free.

You can download all of these at Download Here

Monday, September 12, 2005

The BigBlogZoo has been released!!!

The world's greatest blog browser, in my humble opinion, has been released.

Try it for free at

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Features in the BigBlogZoo

Well the folksonomy is up and running I would like to invite everyone to try it. As soon as you enter yourself into the folksonomy then you your blog goes to the front page.

Also the forum is up and I will be publishing each day the 'Blog of the Day'.

the forum address is:Safari Lodge

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Wiki Meets the Blog


In the an attempt to foster an internet community I have married the wiki and the blog.

Currently 80,000 blogs have been classified using the DMOZ schema, and each of these categories is a wiki. What is WIKI? It is an abbreviation for "What I Know Is", the pages are editable by visitors as opposed to conventional websites which can only be changed by the author.

The wiki can be used to self publicise one's blog or also to espouse wisdom about that particular category.

The system is currently a taxonomy but soon a folksonomy will be implemented. The folksonomy is going to be a killer feature I promise.

If you would like to contribute a wiki article or blog please feel free to do so.

take care


Saturday, May 21, 2005


Sorry guys, tomcat died on me, so if you are anxious to explore the blogosphere at the bigblogzoo it is a bit crippled and my hosting company seems to have taken the weekened off. Soon I may have to explore other options.

Well anyway loads of features are on the way, I have implemented a thumbnail algorithmn, and I will be publishing more articles. I just hope this server problem is temporary.

I thought of something inspirational to say in a my half sleep and now it escapes me, so I will talk about the potato man. The potato man comes twice a week, he walks down the street moaning "Kartofffffffeeeeln" and ringing his bell. The problem is he always comes in the morning so I must admit I have yet to taste his taters.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Aghh The Pleasures of Living in Germany

This morning I was awoken to a very strange sound, something akin to dripping water, I got up looked around, and could still hear it, but was clueless. Then it became more like a scrapping. Then it hit me, the chimney sweep was scheduled to come today.

My Niece's Poem


Walking around this smoggy room!
Inhaling loneliness
Its all clear
You’re leaving and there’s no looking back
Don’t ever look back!

Yeah, it was fun!
Yeah, It didn’t last that long!
This is just something to remember
But not to hold on to!

So what If I gave you my heart
I have a drawer full of little disposable hearts!
And a bin full of broken ones!
That was it Time for the goodbyes

Don’t look back on today
Just have a sweet memory
Nothing lasts forever
I am aware!

Just remember me and my black disposable heart
It’s yours to keep!
Do whatever the hell you want with it
Flush it or keep it, throw it or eat it!
It doesn’t matter I have a drawer full!

Dear All Who Are Being Victimised

I am going bleary eyed my reading so many blogs, but hell I am lovin' it.

Anyway if you have found your way here, you have probably been invited by me into the BigBlogZoo. Good work, that means that you keep your blog up to date with words of unesco-esqe importance.

By the way, the the BigBlogZoo on the web is only a sneak preview. In a few short months there will an application with lots of interactive blog features. I will keep you posted.

Welcome to our play, who shall be the playwright, the director and the villian?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Frühling Fest

I have only now recovered from the Saturday's closing of the Spring Beer Fest they have here in South Germany. The spirits of the drinking gods were in good attendance.

I sometimes wonder if things like this can only pass of without a hitch in Germany. If you had 2,000 completely drunken people standing on the seats under one roof in most places I reckon order would degrade very quickly. Revelry without incident.